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Welcome to Amaro Gayo Coffee
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This exceptional coffee is exported through Ethiopia's only female miller/exporter, Asnakech Thomas. Native to the Amaro region, Asnakech decided in 2005 to return to Ethiopia and improve the coffee quality and living conditions of her community.

The coffee is scrupulously harvested, sorted, and milled at her facilities, so she has remarkable control over her crops.  As a brewed coffee, the Amaro Gayo is a remarkable sonata of baking spices and aromatic woods. Imagine a grand piano. Now imagine playing a descending F major arpeggio over several octaves.  Now imagine that, instead of sounds, the piano produces alternating aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar, and maple. Now imagine buying a bag, going home, and making a careful pourover of the Amaro Gayo.




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